About Thomas Chen

If you have any general questions on Chinese swords, please email me at: pvc34@yahoo.com

I am an Information Technology professional currently based in Singapore. My academic background is in finance and investment.

Being literate in both the English and Chinese languages, I hope to make use of my interests and abilities to engage in a couple of interesting future projects:

A) setting up an International Chinese Military Studies Society (which includes a Chinese Sword Society) to study ALL aspects of classical Chinese military science: Chinese swords, armour, archery, other types of weapons like rockets and canons, steppe and siege warfare, strategies and tactics etc.

B) initate the formation of an International Chinese Swordsmanship Federation (single-handed and 2-handed swordsmanship)

C) drive a fundraising project (by approaching Chinese business-cultural bodies / foundations) to setup a quasi-permanent Chinese sword exhibit in a yet-to-be decided museum

The photo is me, holding a 2-handed sword and practising swordplay at the Hua mountains (Huashan) near Xian, one of the top five culturally significant mountains in China.

My email address: pvc34@yahoo.com

Please email me if you are interested in participating or helping out in any of the above 3 projects or if you have any general questions on Chinese swords.