Post-Qing era swords

Imperial Guards guarding the Ming Emperor
Jiajing (1522-1567, who is not shown
here), wielding a sword-polearm with a
handle vs blade ratio of 1:1---This weapon was
known as Tiger Tooth Dao (huyadao) in the Qing
Dynasty. A shorter version of this sword-polearm
was used by Chinese Nationalist and Communist
military forces in the 1920s-40s. Refer to below pics.

These sword-polearms are slightly different:
unlike the sword-polearms shown in the 1st pic,
these blades have a dorsal spike,
but still having a handle vs blade ratio of roughly 1:1.

Click on the pic below to view pics of another "Da Dao"....

According to Scott Rodell, the 2-handed "Da Dao" was used by
Nationalist troops in the 1930s-40s as a close-quarters
weapon during planned ambushes on Japanese
soldiers in appropriate terrain such as tall grass
or paddy fields, and by artillery soldiers to
defend themselves when their lines are over-run by
the enemy. The Chinese Red Army was also similarly equipped.
The weapon was a direct descendent of the Ming Dynasty sword-polearms shown above.

Pictures From Left to Right:

first row:
1930s-40s Nationalist (Kuomintang) soldier with
the "Da Dao"

1920s Warlord soldier with the "Da Dao"
strapped behind his back but the
ring pommel handle is clearly seen

Nationalist Army No. 29 Corps soldier with his
weapon slung on his right shoulder

Modern day mainland Chinese practitioner of the "Da Dao"

second row:
Elite "Da Dao" squads of the Nationalist Army
No. 29 Corps with their weapons drawn,
ready for a close-quarters showdown with
the Japanese Army. Note that there are
more men of the same unit down the
row with their weapons drawn as well.

Soldier of the Nationalist Army No. 29 Corps
taking aim with his rifle and with his
"Da Dao" slung behind his back, at the
Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing in 1937,
just before the onset of the Sino-Japanese War

third row:
An original standard issue Nationalist Army
"Da Dao" with its leather scabbard, with a handle vs blade
ratio of 1:1. Note the Nationalist Party
symbol on the scabbard near the
scabbard mouth. The 4 Chinese characters on
the blade state: "Destroy the Communists and
Resist the Japanese".