Qing Polearms

Qing Imperial Polearms:

Note that all these weapons are not sized to scale relative to each other

Spearmen escort of Emperor Qianlong (shown mounted on the spotted brown horse)
on a hunting expedition. Note the 3 meter length of the spears

Description of dimensions of polearms

Note the Boxer on the extreme left with a yinyuedao polearm and another Boxer positioned slight off-centre on the right, front row, with his sword
raised to his head level and his left hand clutching his right forearm. The sword seems to me to appear to be a willow leaf saber (liuyedao)

Chinese soldiers of an unidentified banner or milita unit in the early 1900s.
Note the officer mounted on the horse on the right. The polearms
appear to be yinyuedao (slightly over 2 meters
long), also commonly known as the kwando/guandao,
and a Chinese version of the trident

A high-ranking Mandarin officer flanked by 4 Tiger Tooth Dao(huyadao) bearers, 2 on his left and 2 on
his right. These Tiger Tooth Dao are characterised by a round shaft handle, with a shaft vs blade
ratio of 1:1. The weapons appear to be about 1.7 -1.8 meters long. Click on the above pic to view
earlier Ming versions of these polearms